Venting My Spleen:  Which Side Are You On?

by Donna Schoenkopf

I just got finished watching Harlan County, U.S.A., a film about some Kentucky coal miners and their wives who went on strike to get the right to strike in their contract.  They believed in solidarity so strongly that the right to stand together for justice was the base on which all other good things would come about, like better lives for themselves and their families.  And respect.  And justice.

Watching this movie just now, my thoughts turned to several of my favorite liberal friends as well as some Lefty broadcasters and magazines and websites.  I have been listening to them complain and carp about Obama. 

It affects me deeply.  As I type this, my heart is racing and my muscles are tight.

If those critics continue complaining, a Republican will be elected.  I should know.  I voted for Eldridge Cleaver in 1968 and got Richard Nixon as President.  And my darling daughter voted for Ralph Nader and got George W.  We both learned our lesson.

We Lefties are often knit-pickers if everything isn't perfect.  We splinter and fray, leaving those on the Right in power.

It's time to choose.  It's time to make a stand.

Which side are you on, boys?  Which side are you on?

Here's a clip of the movie.




I’m stickin with Obama!  I could not agree more!

2011-12-22 by Nancy Reese Barrett

Obama 2012….I’m in all the way….but then you already knew that!

2011-12-22 by Vicki

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