Under Arrest at Occupy LA

by Gary Phillips

This message came in this morning from Bilal Ali, a long-time community organizer who was arrested at Occupy L.A. John Amani, who wrote our RAC-L.A. piece, was getting some of us who know him organized to raise the brother’s bail. Others are still in lock-up that the National Lawyers Guild are working to free.

Hey everyone, I am okay. I was beaten by popo but nothing as serious as i thought just twisted a muscle in my side...no crack ribs. five bus loads of protesters were taken to van nuys jail where we sat on the bus for nine hours....men and women were forced to urinate on themselves and refused food and water until 3:30 in the afternoon.

i along with others were charge with refusing to disperse and some with resisting arrest. we were taken to court Thursday and spent all day there. most others charges were dropped. charges against me remain and i have a court date next month. upon my release from jail i returned to the west steps of city hall where a GA was held and we related our ordeal the folks there. we decided to march back the metro detention center where we were held and stage an all night vigil waiting for our remaining comrades to be released. we spent the entire night camped out in front of the detention center while some of our folks were released....this morning the police told us we could no longer sleep there and were told to leave and go to skid row.

there is a planned action at the norwalk court house where bank of amerikkka is holding an auction for foreclosed homes...i was planning to attend but just don’t have the strength...plus a sore side and wrist because of how tight they handcupped some of us. i want to thank everyone for their concerns and support regarding my safety.


That is the most righteous thing I’ve ever heard.



2011-12-5 by Robert Hagen

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