The Rainbow Bridge Journey

by Gary Phillips

This past November 27 was the birthdays of Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Lee. It was also this Sunday past mad man director Ken Russell went to the big screening room in the sky. The director’s cut of his disturbing Devils has apparently never been shown (thank God) but I’ve seen his Altered States and it blew my mind—more than once. Let me add if you haven’t seen his Lair of the White Worm based on the Bram Stocker book, well, toke up or whiskey up or both and crank that bad boy to life in yer DVD player.

Fact don’t worry about the cheesy dialogue and watch Lair on mute with some Hendrix blasting. It’ll be sweet. When that particular viewing is over, pop in the 1960s Green Hornet and watch a few episodes to see Bruce kick the living shit out of some fools as Kato. Then rest up before watching Enter the Dragon which me and my friends saw, twice, back-to-back when it first came out at Grauman’s Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard all those years ago.

For as Master Lee noted, “Boards do not fight back.” Sometimes as these three knew, you just gotta get up out of your chair and show them how it’s done.

Rest in peace you cats, safe journey over the Rainbow Bridge.


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