Obama in the Morning:  Osawatomie, Kansas

by Donna Schoenkopf

Last night I had a fiery little discussion with a dear and long-time friend about Obama.  He was very angry with Obama because Obama wasn't protecting the wild horses on federal land.  He had been an ardent Obama supporter and now considered him a turncoat.

Another citizen who is feeling unhappy with our President.  Another citizen whose very special interests were being overlooked.  Another citizen who thinks Obama isn't strong or capable.

I am feeling very uncomfortable.  I am realizing that hardly anyone, unless you are unemployed, work nights, or are retired, is watching Obama in action in the morning.  What a difference it would make if everyone could see and hear Obama in action. 

Take Osawatomie, Kansas, for instance.  His speech there, at the site of Teddy Roosevelt's call for a new national attitude, one that considered the worker, scolded the richest of us who sat at the top of the heap, and called for justice in our economic system, is what Obama spoke to.  And he was magnificent. 

So, for all you folks out there who were watching Fox and Friends or cartoons, here is the real deal.  Watch some of it here



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