Obama and the Republican Debate Team

by Donna Schoenkopf

It has occurred to me that the Republican field that we see weekly in debates is not particularly awful compared to what Republicans always have as candidates.  Just turn back the pages in your memory to the Republican candidates of 2008:

John McCain: Alternately angry or boring.

Mike Huckabee:  Personable and willing to sell his soul for a good paying job on FOX.

Mitt Romney:  Same guy this time as he was then, with a little more polish this time.  I get the feeling he's been practicing for three years.

Ron Paul:  Another re-run.  Throw out the whole damn government.  The real "Death Squad" answer to health care.

Fred Thompson:  Asleep at the switch.  Old and tired.

Alan Keyes:  Raving maniac.  "Christ would not vote for Barack Obama. . ."

Sam Brownback:  Who?  What?  Huh?

Tom Tancredo:  The real raving maniac.  Super racist.  Said Sotomayor was a member of the KKK.

So my point is: Since Barack Obama's been our President, everybody else looks like a bunch of stupid losers.  And they are. 


Could you imagine the fun Molly Ivins or Ann Richards would be having with the Republican debates this fall?

I can just see Ann’s twinkling eyes as she drawls something to the effect of, “mmmm, he just choked on that stinky foot, didn’t he?”

Or, what about Molly looking around the stage and noting, “one or two more and we would have a bar full of flies, wouldn’t we?”

All kidding aside, Mr. Obama has only to wait a few more months as the Republicans continue to scratch and wallow in their own disgraces.
They certainly are doing nothing to prove they are capable of the high road. So long as they are acting like drunken fighters in the ring, they are representing themselves as embarrassments to all Americans and to the rest of the world. Who would want any one of them as a candidate, not to mention President?

I say, take the high road Mr. President, and let the opponents fall in an exhausted heap before the real election campaign even starts.

One last note: As I said before, Rick Perry would commit his own political suicide.  Personally, I cannot for the life of me figure out why his campaign manager would allow him to try stand up comedy as a campaign speech. Or, for that matter, why he wasn’t more prepared, on national tv, to list the three departments he considers least necessary.  I suppose, many in the Republican Party are wishing for their perfect candidate to rise up out of the masses—Lord knows, we haven’t seen much from the current docket.

2011-11-14 by Barbara

Remember how we laughed and laughed watching the 2000 South Carolina GOP debate? Remember when Alan Keyes said the question, “What is your biggest regret” was racist?

Yeah, and then they won.

I have just depressed myself.

2011-11-15 by Rebecca

Yeah, ‘Becc, but we didn’t have Obama then; we had Al Gore, who is great, but is also the Anti-Campaigner.  And the shrub spent way more moolah.  And I detest Joe Leiberman.

2011-11-22 by Eric Steinberg

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