Move Your Money Day

by Donna Schoenkopf

I've been pissed off at the Bank of America since the Goleta days.  Anybody remember that?

From that time on I chose small, local banks until I became a teacher and was finally able to join a credit union.  I love being a member of a credit union.  The two things I love the most are that we, the members, own it and that it benefits us .  I have belonged to my credit union for about twenty years.  And even though I moved to Oklahoma I could not give up my membership.   

The nice customer service folks told me that they have a lot of long distance members.  That's how much we love our credit union.

Anyway, today is Move Your Money Day, and it's time to do just that, dearies.

Get out of that Big Bank and into something more comfortable.

(And don't forget to let us know what you chose.)


I put $$ into my credit union, got their Visa card, figured they could make the money every time I swiped it.  I do regular banking with our local (well, international but small compared with Shitty Bank & etc. ) a Dutch outfit called—irony—Rabobank.  Yeah, pretty funny. They focus on mid-sized communities and focus on local business and agricultural needs even though they’re a multi national company. So, yes.  Move you money. No reason not to. It’s YOUR money.

2011-11-6 by Ann Calhoun

Wow, that’s a really clever way of thinknig about it!

2011-11-29 by Robinson

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