Letter From Wyoming

by Donna Schoenkopf

I first met Stan when I moved to Indio, California in the 7th Grade.  He was smart and interesting.  And cute, too.  After I moved away a couple of years later, he kept in touch for a bit, once sending me a newspaper clipping about Hurricane Donna. 

More than 50 years later he found me and we reconnected. 

From time to time we check in with each other. 

He's working in Wyoming now and goes home to Santa Cruz every few weeks.  He's been there a long time. 

So I sent him a used copy of Gretel Ehrlich's book "The Solace of Open Spaces" about her life on those vast open stretches in Wyoming and got this email back. 

Hi Donna-
Gretel arrived yesterday, a fine used book - the best kind - it  was well read and well loved.
Thank you!

Saturday I drove over the Medicine Bows to Laramie to hear Ira Glass speak at the University.
Mostly he talked about how to tell stories - sorta like Anne Lamott in One Bird at a Time, but in a different way.

It snowed that evening - enough that the road back to Cheyenne closed at 9:30.
So I spent the night there.
At 7 the next morning I found the Coal Creek Coffee Company.
Had a cup of their Edgy Coffee and a slice of quiche.
Made me feel like a real man.

You woulda liked the Coal Creek Coffee Company.
Painted on the front door it says:
"Home of malcontents, revolutionaries, and do-gooders of all types"

Not bad for the town where the gay kid, Matthew Shepard, was murdered.


The sign (not the previous violence) sound like my kind of place—Stan sounds like a good sort of pal.  I love the poetry of his writing.  And, of course, I love yours.

2011-11-16 by Helen Price

What she said!

2011-11-16 by Don

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