Earth Justice: Week 5 of No Laundry Detergent

by Donna Schoenkopf

No, it doesn't seem possible.  My whites are even whiter than they were last week and the week before.  After 5 weeks of no laundry detergent everything seems to be getting cleaner and cleaner.

I judge my white towels by the white wall that they hang against.  There is a double towel hook that I drape at least one towel on.  For almost four years the towels were almost cream or faintly gray or pink against that white wall.  Now the towels are whiter than the wall except for the slightly pink towels which had picked up a little red from a red shirt I had washed with the towels once.  But, believe it or not, those pink towels have gotten less and less pink over the past several weeks.

All the laundry is softer.  I have managed to get out grease stains on the fronts of my shirts, the kind that never came out with regular detergents.  I use literally a drop of stain remover on them.  Gone.

As I've mentioned before, I do lighter loads, probably about 3/4 of the size of previous loads.  More water swishing through the weave.  Clean water that percolates down to the aquifer under my land that is used by the neighbors for their water supply.  I am giving them fresh, clean water to replenish what I've taken.

Yaaaayyyy MEEEEE!

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