Earth Justice: Week 4 of No Laundry Detergent

by Donna Schoenkopf

My life in my old age is a lot of experimentation with my contribution to a healthy planet.  I live in the country and can pretty much do what I want.  Nobody would know if I dumped crap into or on the ground and killed the microbes of the soil or poisoned the aquifer.

So after searching in vain for a beneficial, or at the least harmful laundry soap, I gave up.  Everything I used went out onto my east lawn in the greywater and killed or stunted the grass.  Out of sheer annoyance I started washing with no laundry detergent.  Here are the results after Week 4:

The whites are the whitest I have ever seen.  Sheets and towels are brilliantly white.  Every week they seem whiter.  Seriously. 

Coloreds seem to be holding their color a little better, but that may be my imagination.  At least they look clean.

I don't jam things into the washer.  I'm estimating that I'm making loads about 3/4 as big as I used to.  I worried about that until I realized my clean water is percolating down into the aquifer under me.   That extra space lets the water circulate nicely.  Makes things cleeeeeeeean.

I have to put a single drop of stain remover (a "natural" one) on stains, but that gets them out.  Some stains have been noticeably reduced even without stain remover.

Now all my laundry greywater is just plain water with a little bit of crud from the sweat and dirt I've managed to pick up in daily living.  And I'm saving money on soap.

I feel much, much better. 

Just savin' the planet, one washload at a time.






A friend of mine attributes this to the greater agitation possible with modern washers.  Technology has finally caught up with beating clothes on rocks.

2011-11-28 by Gary Richard

i was thinking the same thing!

great minds . . .

2011-11-28 by donna

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