Die You Nazi Dog!

by Gary Phillips

This Veterans Day I want to give props to my deceased dad, Dikes, and his brothers, my uncles Norman and Sam. In World War II Pop saw action at Guadalcanal, and Uncle Norman was part of the mop up forces at D-Day. They like Uncle Sammy, who was stationed in India, were part of all-black units that didn’t get portrayed in flicks like Saving Private Ryan, Battle of the Bulge, or mini-series like The Pacific nor in the Combat! TV show. The black soldier in WWII though generally ignored by the Factory of Dreams, nonetheless fought and bled and died and when I was a kid, I got to hear some of those stories from my dad and his veteran friends. In non-fiction books such as Honoring Sergeant Carter, Brothers in Arms and Lasting Valor you can read about the exploits of various black soldiers.

Now the graphic here is done by comics great, artist Joe Kubert, co-creator of the Sgt. Rock character. Kubert did this for the upcoming film Red Tails, about the all-black Tuskegee fighter pilots. My other uncle, my mother’s brother, Lt. Oscar D. Hutton, Jr., graduate of the University of Chicago, was a Tuskegee airman who died in combat over Memmingen, Germany on July 18, 1944. I treasure the Purple Heart I inherited with his name inscribed on the back.

Here’s to bringing home the men and women in our armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Red Tails


And I was just wndoering about that too!

2011-11-29 by Kaydence

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