Chigger Lake:  Honey Holes

by Donna Schoenkopf

So I dug two two foot deep holes in the clay in my north yard to put my raw vegetable scraps in.  These are technically (in the Compost World) known as Honey Holes.  I am wanting to plant two fruit trees -- maybe peach, maybe apple -- in them eventually, after they mature into rich, nutrient-loaded soil.   

I dug the Honey Holes right after a drenching (thank you, Mother Nature) rain, which left the clay slippery and sticky. It clung to everything it touched -- shovel, hands, clodhopper shoes, clothing, face. The shovel was the worst. Easy enough to push the shovel into the muck and get a nice, big shovelful of sloppy red clay, but try to get it off of the spade. Hah! It's glued on.  

But I did it.

I have been eating a lot of papayas lately to aid the digestion of my delicate stomach, so I had a goodly amount of papaya rinds in my compost bowl.  I put them and the apple cores and egg shells and coffee grounds and onion skins and other such goodies in the Honey Holes when the compost bowl filled up.  Then I covered it all with the grass clippings Orval bagged up when he mowed my lawn last summer.

Everything was going along just as planned when about a month ago I saw Abby and Joe Biden digging up the Honey Holes, rooting around in the almost fresh vegetable scraps and happily carrying off papaya rinds.  

They love the papaya rinds.  They cannot get enough of them.   

Now I have two brand new, freshly dug Honey Holes.  With nothing in them.



Ha, thats a gas. What about the Republican primary, though? Doesn’t it just sort of remind you of circus clowns riding around on little tricycles?

2011-12-17 by robert hagen

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