Bureaucrat(s) of the Week: NASA

by Donna Schoenkopf

I just finished watching the NASA channel.  There was a guy who had been in a lunar rover vehicle for 14 days.  He was happy and enjoying himself.  He said it was an amazing, comfortable, ingenious invention. 

Which led me to think about NASA's contribution to making our human lives better.

There are over 6300 technologies that NASA has invented.  Here are a few that most of us are familiar with:

CAT scans (originally used to detect problems in space components.)

Computer microchip (first used in integrated circuits in the Apollo Guidance Computer.)

Cordless tools (used in space, of course.)

World's fastest swimsuit (originated from NASA's need to reduce drag in space)

Scratch-resistant lenses (astronaut helmet visor coating)

Water filters (not hard to understand why this was invented)

Safety grooving in pavement (long, shallow grooves that let water run off pavement when Apollo lands)

Long distance communications and television (satellites bounce signals for phones and our television shows around the world.)

Memory foam (invented to soften Apollo's landing.)

Yes, NASA, you are my heroes of the week!



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2012-01-1 by robert hagen

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