Bureaucrat of the Week - Post Office Lady

by Donna Schoenkopf

I go to the Tecumseh Post Office for my stamps and to mail packages.  It's small and adorable.  It has big, beautiful hydrangeas out front against the building.  Blue ones.  I love hydrangeas.

The woman (whose name I do not know) is probably my age -- in her 60s -- and has her silver hair piled on her head in an attractive way, with a smooth wave above her brow.  She wears tasteful makeup.  She always looks professional.

She rarely smiles.  She actually has kind of a stern look on her face.  She seems to be all business. But that couldn't be further from the truth.  In fact, she is helpful and generous and always a pleasure to talk to.  I can tell she really likes her job.

I am not adept at packaging.  She always helps me with taping and suggestions on how to mail it cheaply.  Twice she put a couple of bags of M&Ms that she took out of a secret stash behind the counter into the box I was mailing.  I had told her I was sending it to my grandchildren.  She didn't say a word, just plucked those M&Ms from their hiding place and dropped them into the box without a word.

She smiled a little that time. 

She works in the office now because after years of carrying the mail her knees finally gave out on her.

I know she is a Conservative politically and does not believe in climate change.  We are on the opposite sides of the fence on probably all political issues, so the next time I go to the Post Office I'm bringing the pictures I took in Alaska showing bare mountains bereft of their thousands-of-years-old glaciers.  She'll think I'm picking a fight with her and might think I don't like her but I do.

She is a crusty, good, decent, woman who makes me glad to see her every time I go in.

So thanks, Post Office Lady.  You get the Bureaucrat of the Week Award!



2011-12-6 by Rebecca

It breaks my heart to think these small post offices my be closing…and they dont have to…at least for the reasons we’re hearing. And - I wish I could have helped this woman when she was injured. Instead she relied on management’s help and they truly did not know how to help her. I am glad she still has a job.
I wish more people would call, write or email their people in Congress and tell them they want their post office.
Thanks Donna for telling “the other side”.

2011-12-7 by sharon smith

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