Bureaucrat of the Week:  Maria at Social Security

by Donna Schoenkopf

The California State Teachers Retirement System sends me my retirement check every month.  But, as is the case with those of us in the 99%, it just won't get me through those thirty days by its sweet little self. 

I have earned some Social Security credits along the way even though I've been (mostly) a stay at home mom and a teacher. 

Did you know that if you draw your retirement from the California State Teachers Retirement System it disqualifies you from most of your divvies from Social Security?

But Maria, the nicest, gentlest, most patient person you would ever hope to meet was able to give me some really good advice about how I could get a little bit of Social Security and even told me how it would work out for me.

Every single person I've ever spoken to at Social Security has been kind and smart, but Maria was the best.  She knows her stuff, is low key, speaks in understandable terms and is my Bureaucrat of the Week.

Thanks, Maria!  You made my day.


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