BP’s Commercial on TeeVee

by Donna Schoenkopf

Their smiling faces proclaim the fun and cleanliness of Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi.  The folks are playing fiddles, fishing off of a sport fishing boat, smiling, smiling, smiling.

"Come on down to (the above!)  Happy, happy, joy, joy!

It is a happy commercial.  Just like Disney World's.  And then the sponsor comes on --BP.  British Petroleum.  The guys who blew up the Gulf of Mexico and ruined the pristine waters off of the states they now profile in their advertisement.

"See?" they seem to say.  "See?  Nothing happened here.  Just move along, folks.  Just move along."

Collective Amnesia sets in.  The Man continues to deceive and reap the benefits.  As I write this, the Republican House of Representatives is okaying more oil drilling in the Gulf.  Drill, Baby, Drill.

This isn't the creepy ad I saw on teevee, but it'll do.  It's got the same cast of characters.




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