Blaming Cain

by Gary Phillips

I’m no rocket scientist and neither is Herman Cain. But he’s been around the block more than once and has to know as Fred Armisen as the ghost of Gadaffi advised on this past Saturday’s SNL, don’t dare a group of people thinking you’ll bluff or intimidate them into not doing what you’ve challenged them about.In the late fashion plate dictator’s case, it was essentially kill me if you’re bad enough – and that’s what happened.In Hermdog’s case it’s the anti-Gary Hart approach. Not “catch me if you can,” but on the matter of his alleged sexual harassment goings on, he’s testily told the press, when he’s not ducking them, this weekend “End of story, that’s it, no more, kaput.”

Naturally this kind of pronouncement has the opposite effect and is the red meat the press loves to salivate about and go after.And so this afternoon Gloria Allred will be having a press conference with yet another woman from Hermie’s National Restaurant Association days who will claim he acted inappropriately.She will be the first one to out her face and name out there. And while Cain’s supporters laugh off these accusations, at some point to paraphrase the attorney for one of the other woman, all this smokes means there’s a fire. One that by week’s end ol’ Black Walnut might not be able to put out or ignore.

Update: The fourth woman is Sharon Bialek and she alleges Cain uninvited put his hand under her dress and pushed her head toward his crotch in the car after a dinner with him seeking help in employment when he was at the NRA. When she rebuffed him he supposedly responded, "You want a job, right?" She said at the news confernce she wants Cain to come clean. The Cain camp for its part maintians, "Nein, nein, nein."


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