A Video Recap of Last Night’s Occupy L.A. Raid

by Tony Chavira

In case you're out of the loop, LAPD occupied Occupy L.A. last night. Here's is video from the maddening scene, late in the evening.

Enjoy and be infuriated.




Superb journalism, even more superb web content, the truth is visceral.


What I would say is that the California high speed rail system is on the table-

right now.

If Governor Brown is so inclined, OccupySD is willing to strike some sort of a deal. Remembering of course, that the California high speed rail system is the largest planned public project in the world.

Things have gotten testy.

We have to see which way things will go. Personally, I look toward California leadership, and I think that the raid on OccupyLA, from what I saw of the video, was within legal parameters.

Lets take this to Sacramento, so that there’s no hard feelings, that’s important.

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