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Monday, March 5, 2012 / 3:00 pm

A Rush of Poor Choices

Rush Limbaugh flips like a pancake while conservative leaders watch him get grilled.

by Tony Chavira

Tags: women's health | women | republicans | Rush Limbaugh | social science

Rush Limbaugh

A few days ago, Rush Limbaugh defended calling Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute,” and today he apologized when a few his more chivalrous advertisers dropped his program. In fact, what he said was that he was “joking.” This is the way Rush Limbaugh jokes with women he doesn't know: on his nationally syndicated radio show.

Also yes… you read that right: Rush Limbaugh backtracked on his convictions because of the money and called someone else a prostitute. Which–to spell things out even for the dumbest of us–is defined as selling yourself for money.

Sandra isn't having any of his apology though and I don't blame her. After all, he didn't backtrack because he genuinely cared about her, womankind or the prostitutes' harsh working conditions. But AOL doesn't seem to care (possibly because Rush-rage riles up the HuffPo army like no other can), and neither does an assorted member of his unmanned army of drones who call women “sluts” jokingly all the time. Like Patricia Heaton, the star of shows that will soon lose their entire female audience. Or conservative blogtress Pamela Geller, who said this with complete seriousness (until she backs off later and adds an “LOL jk” on the end):

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Monday, February 20, 2012 / 7:15 pm

My White Privilege at County-USC

In which I exercise my privilege, and head to Cedars.

by Rebecca Schoenkopf

Tags: health | women's health | breast cancer | breasts | commie girl | county usc | healthcare | obamacare

also: breasts

I have been seen at County-USC for the past two weeks. And I have jilted them like the most faithless lover.

With the exception of one primary care doctor about whom I do not have generous thoughts, the staff there has been compassionate and able. One nurse practitioner in particular gave me the most competent breast exam in history; it felt wonderful, like therapeutic massage.

But it was too much to bear for what might be months on end, the standing in line 90 minutes to drop off a prescription, waiting hours and hours for each appointment, and then being sent first to finance, where they were not as kind but just couldn’t understand why I didn’t have Medi-Cal, and kind of got a little huffy when I said I have no insurance – as if I would be at County-USC if I had insurance, I spit, very very rudely, and I am ashamed, but it’s not like it’s not true.

So I determined that if I in fact have an incredibly rare and particularly lethal form of breast cancer – inflammatory breast cancer, and I’m not even linking it here, because it’s stupid and gross – then I cannot have the levels of stress that come with navigating County.

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Monday, February 20, 2012 / 4:54 pm

“They are the Anti-Science Ones,” by Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum discusses environmentalism and animal reproduction scientifically. Because he's a scientist now.

by Tony Chavira

Tags: Rick Santorum | women's health | social conservatives

high school Rick Santorum

CBSNews gives him the pulpit:

“Ladies and gentlemen, we need someone who understands, who comes from the coal fields, who comes from the steel mills, who understands what average working people in America need to be able to provide for themselves and their families,” [..]

He said global warming claims are based on “phony studies,” and that climate change science is little more than “political science.”

“When it comes to the management of the Earth, they are the anti-science ones. We are the ones who stand for science, and technology, and using the resources we have to be able to make sure that we have a quality of life in this country and (that we) maintain a good and stable environment,”[…]

“You realize that if you're married under Obamacare, you pay a lot more than if you're living together under Obamacare. A lot more. Thousands of dollars more, for the average American family who pay if you're married,” he said. “If you divorced and live together, Obamacare gives you a break and they do this on other areas of the government. That's what the marriage penalty was all about, for years.”

Rather than attempt to use my feeble logic to dissect his highly-scientific assertions, I wanted to point out that (as it happens) the GOP field have actually turned their views of sexual health completely around, and now embrace scientific discovery. I'm serious:

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012 / 2:12 pm

Thinking About the GOP Field With a Lump in My Breast

What a bunch of boobs.

by Rebecca Schoenkopf

Tags: Newt Gingrich | Rick Santorum | Mitt Romney | Ron Paul | women's health | Planned Parenthood | feminism! | gop | breasts

Andrew Wyeth: Helga's breasts

Almost 15 years ago, my big sister Sarah called me with very important news.

“I just want you to know,” she said. “Being 30? I have never felt like more of a woman!” It was heartening news for a 25-year-old me. 

And now, with my right breast sore and a large lump behind my nipple, I have never felt like more of a woman either. 

Planned Parenthood will see me Friday morning – thank you, Planned Parenthood – but until then, I can sit here and be angry, or I can sit here and be angry and think about the GOP.

I have seen a lot of articles wondering why women don't like Newt Gingrich. Really, media? You have to ask?

It's not the cheating – Democratic women still love Bill, mostly, much of the time. 

It's not Newton's policy choices. What, besides the moon colony and shutting down the government when he doesn't like his seat on Air Force One, have most folks even heard about? 

It's that every time a wife gets sick, he is Mr. In The Wind. You'd think the “character counts” (no blowjobs) folks would feel a little squicky with a track record of callously leaving wives to die cold and alone. And it turns out, at least, the women do!

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Friday, February 3, 2012 / 2:18 pm

And Women Live to Fight Another Day!

Susan G Komen finally wakes up, and FourStory revels in their turnabout.

by Tony Chavira

Tags: health | women's health | Planned Parenthood | Susan G. Komen | feminism!

partly pink handgun

Be glad and rejoice!

America's largest breast cancer advocacy group has been forced to make a self-abasing retraction of its plan to cut funding for Planned Parenthood following a huge outcry against the decision.

Susan G Komen for the Cure, a Dallas-based organisation, has announced that it will honour existing grants to Planned Parenthood and allow the organisation to continue to apply for future funding – a U-turn from its earlier decision to cut its annual $650,000 provision.

Obviously, we're talking about the lives of actual people here and not just a public fiasco. Unfortunately, it took the Susan G Komen Foundation a day or two to figure that out. At least they came to their senses (which is a lot more than I can say for Congressional Republicans).

I guess you can only slap the color pink on so many items before the gesture starts to feel a little empty. Relative to actually saving women's lives with breast cancer screenings, I mean.

So here's the score so far: Rebecca Schoenkopf: 1. Dogmatic Extremists: 0.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012 / 12:14 pm

Planned Parenthood Love Letter

What they did for a teenaged me.

by Rebecca Schoenkopf

Tags: health | Planned Parenthood | Susan G. Komen | women | feminism!

I Love Planned Parenthood

With the Florida primary over and no more GOP debates for almost a month (SADFACE!), we liberals have had a momentary breather to focus on other things. And judging by Twitter, that other thing this week has been the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s defunding of breast-cancer screening at Planned Parenthood. (The whole thing seems on its face to have been led by a Georgia Republican new to the Komen Foundation. The Atlantic article linked above details the whole sordid thing.)

We have all had a nice little primal scream about it online, but I would like to say what Planned Parenthood has done for me.

1989. I am 16 years old, and I have started having sex. Thanks to California’s excellent high school health classes, I am all up in birth control like everybody’s business. I use condoms every time (it’s the era of Big AIDS) but also know I need backup so I will not be a sad teen mother and can have a super awesome life.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012 / 8:00 pm

Yesterday: A Sad Day for Secular Sanity

A religious nation we are not. Maybe some legislators didn't get that memo.

by Tony Chavira

Tags: women's health | creationism | Planned Parenthood

editorial cartoon

I never figured the people of the great state of Indiana as susceptible to insanity. Then I read this:

Yesterday, after almost no debate, the Indiana State Senate approved a bill that would allow its schools to teach the origin stories of various religions when a class touches on the origin of life. It now moves on to the state's House, where one of its cosponsors is currently the Speaker of the House.
Although the bill as written could be used to create a comparative religion class, its sponsor, Senator Dennis Kruse, has made it clear that he hopes to see it foster the teaching of creationism in science classes. The original text of the bill explicitly mentioned creation science; it has since been modified to mention a variety of religions, including Scientology. In a brief interview, Kruse expressed disdain for evolution, calling it a “Johnny-come-lately” theory.

But that's not all! Social Conservatives were not content with simply reducing the quality of education in our public schools when science education is more important than ever. They also don't want non-profit women's health organizations to spend any money on Planned Parenthood.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012 / 5:00 am

Sometimes It Rains: Date Rape Trauma Can Linger

Why Rachel, seven years after she was date raped, is still angry at the makers of Rohypnol, the criminal justice system, and us.

by Rebecca Schoenkopf

Tags: women's health | sexual assault | Rohypnol

Robyphnol tablets

We all remember (right?) the scene in Broadcast News where William Hurt tears up while interviewing a woman who was date raped—a phenomenon that had been unnoticed in the US until then. (“My cousin,” mouths Joan Cusack, nodding sadly, to the other women watching. It was a silent epidemic.) After that, attention flared. Women who were in college in the mid-90s will remember their first Take Back the Night rally—and maybe even their second.

But there hasn't been much attention paid lately. Not even after a December report by the Centers for Disease Control found that on average, 24 people per minute are victims of rape, physical violence, or stalking by an intimate partner in the United States—or more than 12 million women and men a year.

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