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Tuesday, February 7, 2012 / 11:50 am

Ding Dong the Witch: VP Karen Handel Resigns from Komen

Why is it that lousy leaders have to do something really dumb before they get canned?

by Jim Washburn

Tags: Planned Parenthood | Susan G. Komen | abortion

Karen Handel

After driving the Susan G. Komen Foundation into an ideological ditch by orchestrating the Planned Parenthood funding cutoff that enraged supporters, Komen VP Karen Handel announced her resignation today.

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Friday, February 3, 2012 / 8:24 pm

Erecting Hurdles in the Komen Race for the Cure

VP Karen Handel lets ideology trump science.

by Jim Washburn

Tags: Planned Parenthood | Susan G. Komen | Karen Handel | abortion | breast cancer

Karen Handel

So the Susan G. Komen Foundation has provisionally reversed is decision to defund Planned Parenthood, after donors and decent people everywhere were outraged by that decision. Komen’s directors may have been forced to adopt a change in strategy, but don’t expect that they’ve also had a change of heart.

They’ve tried to explain that there was nothing political or pro-life in the new guidelines they adopted that denied funding to any group under investigation, and there certainly is an argument to be made for wanting everything to appear squeaky-clean and above board when you’re asking donors to entrust you with kaboodles of money.

But Jeffrey Goldberg has reported in The Atlantic that three separate inside sources have told him that Komen Senior VP Karen Handel had pushed the new guidelines and that they were tailored specifically to allow Komen to give Planed Parenthood the heave-ho; crafted to work in concert with conservative whack-job congressman Cliff Stearns' investigation of Planned Parenthood. Stearns says he suspects they are using federal funds to provide abortions (which is against the law, thanks to previous conservative whack-jobs), even though every previous investigation has proved unfounded.

The Komen foundation has amended its guidelines to now only cut off funding in the case of conclusive criminal investigations, not political ones, which is how the guideline should have been written by any sensible and even slightly lawyered-up organization.

So, OK, everything’s hunky dory now, or should be, except focus on the dispute has brought to light information that suggests VP Handel may be of a mindset that could change the organization’s Race for the Cure, which she heads, into a steeplechase, erecting ideological hurdles between women and the science and practice of breast cancer health.

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Friday, February 3, 2012 / 2:18 pm

And Women Live to Fight Another Day!

Susan G Komen finally wakes up, and FourStory revels in their turnabout.

by Tony Chavira

Tags: health | women's health | Planned Parenthood | Susan G. Komen | feminism!

partly pink handgun

Be glad and rejoice!

America's largest breast cancer advocacy group has been forced to make a self-abasing retraction of its plan to cut funding for Planned Parenthood following a huge outcry against the decision.

Susan G Komen for the Cure, a Dallas-based organisation, has announced that it will honour existing grants to Planned Parenthood and allow the organisation to continue to apply for future funding – a U-turn from its earlier decision to cut its annual $650,000 provision.

Obviously, we're talking about the lives of actual people here and not just a public fiasco. Unfortunately, it took the Susan G Komen Foundation a day or two to figure that out. At least they came to their senses (which is a lot more than I can say for Congressional Republicans).

I guess you can only slap the color pink on so many items before the gesture starts to feel a little empty. Relative to actually saving women's lives with breast cancer screenings, I mean.

So here's the score so far: Rebecca Schoenkopf: 1. Dogmatic Extremists: 0.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012 / 12:14 pm

Planned Parenthood Love Letter

What they did for a teenaged me.

by Rebecca Schoenkopf

Tags: health | Planned Parenthood | Susan G. Komen | women | feminism!

I Love Planned Parenthood

With the Florida primary over and no more GOP debates for almost a month (SADFACE!), we liberals have had a momentary breather to focus on other things. And judging by Twitter, that other thing this week has been the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s defunding of breast-cancer screening at Planned Parenthood. (The whole thing seems on its face to have been led by a Georgia Republican new to the Komen Foundation. The Atlantic article linked above details the whole sordid thing.)

We have all had a nice little primal scream about it online, but I would like to say what Planned Parenthood has done for me.

1989. I am 16 years old, and I have started having sex. Thanks to California’s excellent high school health classes, I am all up in birth control like everybody’s business. I use condoms every time (it’s the era of Big AIDS) but also know I need backup so I will not be a sad teen mother and can have a super awesome life.

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