Monday, March 5, 2012 / 7:53 am

I Want This CAR!

The Prius C rocks my world.

by Donna Schoenkopf

Prius C

The first car I bought on my own was a Geo Metro.  I loved that car.  Turned on a dime.  Got about 40 mpg.  (Although I must admit I am not the greatest calculator of mileage.)  And that hatchback!  Wow.  Got more stuff in the back of my car that most large ass sedans.  Seriously.

I owned a series of Geo Metros until they stopped making them and then, even though the monthly payment was about $400 a month – which was HUGE in my life – I bought a Prius.  A 2001 Prius.  Used.  It had a price tag of a little over $18,000.  It was the single biggest monetary investment in the environment I had made up until that point.

(Here's a little known fact about the Prius.  I am close to 200,000 miles and still am not even close to having to replace any part of my braking system.  This car uses braking to generate power to the battery, for cryin' out loud!  So it looks like I will have no expense whatsoever in the brakes department.  The rest of the car has given me close to no trouble ever.  Great car.)

But now I am coveting the Prius C.  It gets 53 mpg, only costs $18,000+ new, and it looks like a very cool version of the (wait for it) … GEO METRO.

I wouldn't mind a Prius Plug In, either.

Read about the Prius C here.

(P.S. Always buy white cars.  They reflect the summer sun and cut down on air conditioning.  Just sayin'.)

Donna Schoenkopf recently retired from teaching at 61st Street School in South Central Los Angeles, and has moved back to Oklahoma, where she spent her teens.


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