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FUCK YOU! ! ! !

Why I love cussing.

by Donna Schoenkopf

Mario Savio

I taught my children, by example and by lecture, that cussing was the way to keep one's freedom of speech.

I never cussed when I taught.  I was afraid of getting fired.  Actually, I may have said “hell” or “damn” once or twice as I was just getting ready to retire.  So I understand your reticence of taking up the banner of Freedom of Speech.  You could lose your job!

Anyway, back in the 60s, when I was a lass, I fell in love with freedom of speech.  And cussing to me is an expression of that.  And every time I say fuck you, I feel free all over.

I am still in love with Mario Savio.  Look him up.  He's dead now.  Died unknown and unloved.  But he is my hero.  He stood on car roofs with a bull horn and blasted “FUCK YOU ! ! ” out over the world and I loved him til my I felt the way I feel after an orgasm.  All spent and satisfied. 


And I love you all and wish you FREEDOM OF SPEECH. 

Go into the world with your tongue set free, my dear fellow human beings.

I love you all.

(Written under the intoxication of a martini while sitting on my hilltop overlooking Chigger Lake and thinking of my daughter.)

Donna Schoenkopf recently retired from teaching at 61st Street School in South Central Los Angeles, and has moved back to Oklahoma, where she spent her teens.


No, no can’t quite agree, though I certainly use enough foul language; it brings me little relief.  South Park had an episode where curse words were revealed to be actual “curse words” whose constant repetition eventually did real harm.  Most South Parks are full of bleeps, but for this episode they were allowed to repeat the word ‘shit’ 162 times, and write it another 38.  One of my saddest memories of my mother was her increased use of profanity as she got older; it just wasn’t her.

2012-02-20 by Gary R Richard

So, Donna, one of the great disappointments of my life was the time I was scheduled to be on a panel with Mario Savio and then he had his fatal heart attack.  Shit!

2012-02-23 by Gary Phillips

Looks like I’m the third “Gary” to post a comment.  Hi, Donna.  Yet ANOTHER inspirational post you’ve given us here!  As I read this, I remembered Mario Savio and then Lenny Bruce came to mind. While I agree with Gary Richard that using foul language brings little relief (I use a generous portion of it myself), I do feel that there is something liberating about its use.  Of course, if it becomes so overused that the word(s) begin to lose their meaning, the whole ritual is self-defeating. While this might sound a bit oxymoron-like, moderation comes into play here - even when it comes to the use of something so seemingly NOT moderate as the use of profanity.

2012-02-26 by Gary Eisenberg

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