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Beat L.A. Kickstarter - $1,000 Update from Gary Phillips

We're getting there slowly but surely, but with only a few days left, kick in a few bucks and help us publish our comic!

by Tony Chavira

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Brand, Reese and Dave
Brand, Reese, and Dave: Together at Last

There are a lot of thanks due to our first 38 backers who believe in this project enought o put some money where their mouths happen to be.

Namely, Katrina Chan, Kyle Covino, DWKIV, Dawn Pace & Ryan Fazulak for purchasing full PDFs of Beat L.A. for $10; Justin Ching, Chaosisorder, Charles Eldridge, Beverly Keefe, Joe Mandia, David Smith, Cynthia Lozano, Jason Joseph, Zachary Rees, Johnson Kwong, Reid Isaki, D'artagnan Heath, S.A. Johnson, Fernando Micheli, Victoria Bernal, Danny Louie, Doug Burch, Bill Crider, Rodney James Mallari, Veronica Jauriqui, Over The Edge Books, Jasmine, John Shannon, Bruce McRae, David Walker, Alvin Oei, Jason Wood and Jason for purchasing $25 Beat L.A. books; and Blake Barrett, Chris Mortimer, Farah Dakhlallah and Gary for digging deep and buying our Beat L.A. $55 book and script combos! And finally, huge swathes of thanks also go out to Jordan Harper for simply donating $25!

Thanks for kickin' in, everyone… it means the world and beyond to us. And for everyone else out there, if you enjoy the stuff we do here on FourStory, buy yourself a copy and contribute to our Kickstarter campaign here:

Beat L.A., as you may or may not know, sprouted from Gary Phillip's original idea to follow the day-to-day dealings of a once-detective-now-bike cop named Dave Richter and–in the process–unravel some of the seedier over- and underworld interactions in probably the only currently-blossoming landscape in Southern California: Downtown Los Angeles.

Over the course of the story, Gary introduced us to Markus Brand and John Paul Reese, two beat cops that back Dave at every turn. When I sat down and thought about them, the lives they led in order to stay on the streets, the reasons they chose not to move upward through the ranks, their personal and professional tragedies and triumphs, and the insecurities that plagued them (as they plague us all), I came to realize that Gary had provided a rich and wild lens for me to view this city, and I couldn't wait to expand the graphic novel's already-epic scope.

Gary, charming as we all know he is, sat down and did a little proselytizing for the camera, fleshing out how he came up with the idea of Bike Cop Dave and how the idea was informed by his experiences working and living in Los Angeles.


Tony Chavira is the President of FourStory, a nonprofit organization that promotes fairness and social justice through strong writing and storytelling. He is also the Program Developer at RACAIA Architecture, writes and posts comics at Minefield Wonderland, and teaches Business Report Writing at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

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