Homeless in Costa Mesa: An Interview With Pat

by Jim Washburn

Pat has been homeless since 1991, chiefly in Riverside County until catching a bus to bucolic Costa Mesa two years ago. By recycling cans, he usually makes enough to eat. He sleeps in a dumpster bay behind a convenience store. He reads a lot. He dreams of surfing. He has no ID. The last time he gathered the paperwork for that—finding his adoption papers is the hard part—it was stolen with his backpack and he figured why bother.

He sat with FourStory’s Jim Washburn, behind a bagel shop by another dumpster bin, to talk about his life.

Jim Washburn has written for the Los Angeles Times, the Orange County Register, the OC Weekly, various MSN sites and just about anybody else willing to trade a paycheck for a pulse.


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2011-11-2 by David Montgomery

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