An Interview With Mary Ann Gaido of the Irvine Community Land Trust

by Jim Washburn

Mary Ann Gaido has been involved in making the City of Irvine work for working people since 1972, both inside city government and outside it as an activist. Irvine is celebrated as one of the most forward-looking and successful cities in the nation, and Mary Ann has been a large part of that, advocating for affordable housing, transit options, sustainability and other factors that make the place livable.

Heading into her 40th year of public service, Mary Ann currently is president of the Irvine Community Land Trust. Formed in 2006, the land trust has been tasked with creating the city’s new affordable housing units in the coming decades. She talks here with FourStory about the future they’re mapping out for affordable housing in the city, and how they’re looking to avoid some of the potholes common to previous approaches.

(Short attention span? There's a 2:22 clip on YouTube. And see our earlier interview with Mary Ann Gaido.)

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