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Bicycle Cop Dave by Gary Phillips and Manoel Magalhães

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“All Right, Sylvia”

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Mystery novelist Gary Phillips has the crime graphic novel Cowboys out. Other art by the talented
Manoel Magalhães can be seen in Angeltown: The Nate Hollis Investigations.


Gary Phillips rules!  It don’t get any better than this!  More!

2009-10-28 by Lou Boxer

Fun stuff, Gary.  The dude looks like a smuck. He deserves whatever she does to him. Throw him down the stairs of 7 Grand.

2009-10-28 by CDR

Sizzling, G.  Say, is that Bob Smith on the bed?  He looked eerily multicultural. Just asking.


2009-10-28 by Emory Holmes II

Gary, I’m still waiting on Sylvia’s number, man.  :-)

The captcha word I had to type is “built” - Sylvia did that, or did you?

2009-10-28 by Skip Press

i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove comix.

2009-11-4 by donna

Yo Gary. Boobage!

2009-11-9 by LMaddox

Apparently, I’m going to have to ride my bike a little faster with this dude around.

Good read, Champ!

2009-11-13 by WLW

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