FourStory closed its doors in September 2012. This is a snapshot of what it looked like then. There may be broken links here and there. Thanks for your support for five glorious years.

Beat L.A.

A Beat L.A. Kickstarter Requiem

$6,000, and how we got it.

by Tony Chavira | Tue, Jul 10 / 6:59 am

Levitated Mass: Some Thoughts on the Rock

I do not care for this megalith about which I bitch.

by Jim Washburn | Sun, Jul 8 / 6:15 pm

Brand, Reese and Dave

Beat L.A. Kickstarter - $1,000 Update from Gary Phillips

We're getting there slowly but surely, but with only a few days left, kick in a few bucks and help us publish our comic!

by Tony Chavira | Wed, Jun 27 / 10:30 am

Blade the bad, bad slayer

It’s Stake Time!

Can Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter be the coolest summer movie?

by Gary Phillips | Fri, Jun 22 / 5:26 pm

All vigans, all the time.

You Say Vagina…

The ‘V’ Word is too much for the delicate ears of Michigan GOPers.

by Gary Phillips | Fri, Jun 15 / 3:29 pm

Something Bitchen This Way Comes

How I spent my summer before it happened.

by Jim Washburn | Mon, Jun 11 / 8:37 pm

The Birther Queen

Fahrenheit Crazy

Tuesday night was a humdinger.

by Gary Phillips | Wed, Jun 6 / 1:17 pm

BEAT L.A. - A FourStory Comic Kickstarter

Bike Cop Dave and Brand & Reese, in all their tradeback glory.

by Tony Chavira | Tue, Jun 5 / 2:38 pm

The basic donut in all its glory.

Hooray, it’s National Donut Day

All is right with the world.

by Gary Phillips | Fri, Jun 1 / 9:00 am

Susan in Botswana

Letter From Botswana

How Susan got computers at the library in her village.

by Donna Schoenkopf | Thu, May 31 / 6:22 am

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Fiction and Comics

Just a couple of installments to go ...

The Homeless Ventriloquist

Serial Mystery: The
Homeless Ventriloquist

by Jim Washburn

Private eye Lloyd Sippie navigates the mean streets of ’60s Los Angeles in search of the eponymous puppet master. But who’s the dummy?

Read the Latest Installment (September 3)

Start at the Beginning

Brand and Reese

Brand and Reese

by Tony Chavira
and Manoel Magalhães

Two middle-aged beat cops become entangled in a struggle between a sinister property developer, pandering politicians, and a growing homeless community. Set in the Bicycle Cop Dave universe.

Read The Latest Pages (August 21)

Start at the Beginning

Bicycle Cop Dave

Bicycle Cop Dave

by Gary Phillips
and Manoel Magalhães

In a downtown Los Angeles where gentrification displaces the working poor, where loft dwellers walk their little dogs past dark alleyways, police officer David Richter patrols upon his trusty bike.

Read The Final Five Pages (March 27)

Start at the Beginning

Read the first chapter of

Violent Spring

by Gary Phillips

The novel introduced private eye Ivan Monk, hired to find the killer of a Korean merchant in the politically and racially sensitive climate after Los Angeles’ 1992 civil unrest.

Crime Takes No Holiday

Special occasions can be killer ...

“A Bitter Taste in the Mouth”
by Jervey Tervalon (New Years)

“Doctor Breedlove’s Valentine”
by Gary Phillips (Valentines Day)

“Hurrah for the Pumpkin Pie”
by Kate Flora (Thanksgiving)

by Jim Nisbet (Thanksgiving)

“The Kwanzaa Initiative”
by Gary Phillips (Kwanzaa)

“Home for the Holidays”
by Mike Bullock (Christmas)

“Third Santa on the Left”
by Gar Anthony Haywood (Christmas)

Read an Excerpt From Gary Phillips'
“The Performer”


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